We are 360 Play Vid.

We strive to offer the most powerful and flexible video platform in the market. We do this the best way we know, by building innovative, proactive video technologies that get users to spend more time on the site and provide a safe quality platform for advertisers to promote their brands. We have transformed millions of static pages, videos, images, and text into monetizable videos. We partner with over hundreds of the leading publishers in the world to create more quality video that keep more than 100 million active users each month active and engaged.

Why Us?

  • More content.

  • More engagement.

  • More revenue.

And still why us?

Direct user impact

  • Increase page views per session

  • Increase time-on-site

  • Drive engagement including digital subscriptions

Revenue impact

  • Page RPM lift

  • More average revenue per user

  • New advertising real estate – Pre, mid and post roll video ads

  • 360 Play Vid Marketplace - Gain access to top brands and advertisers

  • Integrate your direct & programmatic demand to increase revenues

Moderation tools impact

  • Real time dashboard

  • Built on machine-learning, AI and trusted API integrations

  • Simple integration with JS code or DFP

  • Native designs- our unit is respectful of your users’ experience

  • and is fully customizable to fit natively on your site.